DOC Series: Interned on St Helena

This addition to our Decade of Centenaries series is quite unusual and not very well known. From November 1922 until January 1923 there was a flurry of correspondence between Desmond FitzGerald, Irish Pro-Treaty Minister of External Affairs, and Mark Sturgis, Irish Colonial Office, concerning the establishment of an internment camp for Republican prisoners on the … Continue reading DOC Series: Interned on St Helena

Ireland leaves the Commonwealth

To celebrate the launch of the collaborative Documents on Irish Foreign Policy (DIFP) and UCD Archives online exhibition Republic to republic: Ireland's international sovereignty, 1919-1949, this guest post will tell you about the diplomatic steps taken for Ireland to become a Republic. In January 1949 John Dulanty, Ireland's High Commissioner in London (the senior Irish diplomatic representative), … Continue reading Ireland leaves the Commonwealth