National Folklore Collection

“The traditions of Ireland are the background of our history; they have helped in large measure to mould the Ireland of the past; they are part and parcel of the Irish nation of today. We desire to see them known and honoured, for the Ireland of tomorrow will have need of them, finding in them a source of inspiration and pride.”   
J.H. Delargy, Honorary Director, Irish Folklore Commission (1942)


National Folklore Collection UCD is recognised as one of Europe’s largest archives of oral tradition and cultural history, preserving Ireland’s rich oral literature alongside its material culture, ethnology and social history.

Visitors to the Collection are invited to explore a large selection of books, manuscripts, audio recordings, videos and photographs, drawings and paintings dealing with Irish life, folk history and culture.

The National Folklore Collection is committed to documenting and preserving a record of the folklore and folklife of all communities in Ireland.

A range of finding aids will assist researchers in locating information about a particular subject, or material contributed by any of the many thousands of storytellers, collectors and correspondents over the years.

Enquiries are welcome to or on 01 716 8216.


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