John O’Donovan Manuscripts in UCD Special Collections

UCD Special Collections holds several manuscripts written by the 19th century antiquarian John O’Donovan.  Of these manuscripts, perhaps the most intriguing is one entitled Description and historical illustrations of the round towers and other contemporaneous ecclesiastical remains in Ireland [UCD MS 49]. It also holds a collection of correspondence between O’Donovan and his friend and … Continue reading John O’Donovan Manuscripts in UCD Special Collections

Ireland leaves the Commonwealth

To celebrate the launch of the collaborative Documents on Irish Foreign Policy (DIFP) and UCD Archives online exhibition Republic to republic: Ireland's international sovereignty, 1919-1949, this guest post will tell you about the diplomatic steps taken for Ireland to become a Republic. In January 1949 John Dulanty, Ireland's High Commissioner in London (the senior Irish diplomatic representative), … Continue reading Ireland leaves the Commonwealth